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As applied to the Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe watch, the hands on the replica watches sale are telescopic, and while they are not mimicking something else, the idea is that they mimic the shape of the case. Despite the fact that the case is not round, the hour and minute hands adjust themselves to the shape of the case as they move around the elliptical dial. I also want to mention the odd-sounding term Hebdomadaire, which is printed under the date window. This is a French term that means weekly and refers to the fact that the movement has just over one week of power reserve. I agree that placing the term under the power reserve indicator might have made the meaning a bit more clear, but going with aesthetics and symmetry, the term works well where it is on the dial.

Parmigaini does not take credit for inventing this system of telescopic hands, but they do have much more modern experience with the system than anyone else around. In 1997, Mr. Michel Parmigiani set out to restore an antique pocket watch reportedly produced around the year 1800 by Jardon & Stedmann in Switzerland - which is still owned by the brand. The pocket watch was particularly beautiful and also features an oval-shaped case with gold telescopic hands. Relatively speaking, the Jardon & Stedmann pocket watch is a brilliant example of historic watchmaking, and a sign that form as well as function was an extremely important part of fine cheap replica watches making even back then. It was really not until the late 19th century that timepieces became purely utilitarian as the price of production began to lower. I say this as a preemptive response to people who simply don not understand the technical whimsy that is often designed into high-end timepieces of this ilk.

It is unclear when Parmigiani decided to produce a modern version of the oval pocket watch with telescopic hands that Mr. Parmigiani himself restored in the late 1990s - though I am glad that they did. Immensely complex, using a sophisticated cam system where the hands meet in order to regulate their length, the Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe is nevertheless a visual delicacy that even a child can appreciate. This - for me - is one of the timepieces greatest achievements, in that anyone upon a moment glance can appreciate what the timepiece does, and why it does it. Parmigiani uses blued titanium for the telescopic hand parts given the light weight and strength of the metal. No, you do not have things like luminant on the dial, but you do have an excellent compromise between the unique design of the Swiss replica watches and legibility against the white lacquered dial. Blue-colored hour markers in distinctive Parmigiani style complete a classic, handsome, and very readable face design.